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Bear Witness

Introducing the heroes and everyday people in Ukraine protecting their freedom

Filmmakers, such as those shown above, go beyond the headlines to war-ravaged parts of Ukraine to take firsthand testimony of the suffering, destruction and the resilience of the people of Ukraine. This is the type of film Bear Witness supports—urgent, compelling, cost-effective, and motivated.  And Ukrainian.

Our Mission

Putin's army continues to ravage Ukraine, terrorize its citizens, and destabilize the global community.  Russia’s unprovoked invasion is a direct existential threat to democracies around the world. Putin believes that the US and the global community will get "Ukraine fatigue" and stop supporting the country's inspiring "David-like" defense.  To prevent this, the non-profit Bear Witness was created to help keep the war and its broader implications top of mind for Americans and the World.

Girls Carrying a Recycling Bin


The Focus of Our Efforts

Ukraine Flag


Bringing Russian War Criminals to Justice

Bear Witness is producing new compelling video content as well as partnering with others whose films address war related themes for the US domestic media market.  One area of focus is the growing evidence of Russian war crimes which is being digitally documented in an unprecedented way.  To this end, BW will shine a spotlight on some of the different heroes involved in bringing these perpetrators to justice and fighting for democratic freedoms.


Stories that Need to be Told

Bear Witness vets and fast-tracks urgent financial support to Ukrainian filmmakers who have appropriate movies that are looking for assistance in getting their films submitted to film festivals and/or distributed.  They have the proximity, local knowledge and access to those whose stories need to be told.  But they need help.


Our Story

Bear Witness, a non-profit corporation, was formed in April 2022.  We’re a collective of US-based Executives, Educators, Community Organizers and Artists with relevant Ukraine and US work and living experiences, including government, legal, film making, and start-ups. Relevant US and Ukrainian advisors are involved.  Local Ukrainian resources - including the top creative agency in Kyiv and national film trade association - are co-producing and assisting in the filming to help scale and accelerate our content delivery.


Bear Witness has traveled to Ukraine multiple times to film and identify, vet and fund filmmakers needing immediate financial support. And we continue to raise money to support Bear Witness’ mission. Help us let America and the World hear these urgent and important stories.


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