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Back to Bucha – Fall Tour

Bear Witness

Jun 14, 2023

Steve Richards, director of Bear Witness Executive Produced documentary“Back to Bucha,” is planning a fall tour!

On June 14th, Steve shared the following announcement:

As the long-awaited counteroffensive by Ukrainian forces begin, we are supporting Ukraine by taking our hopeful film about Ukraine’s Spirit across America. We now have two versions of the film. The new 57-minute cut and the original 76-minute version which takes a deeper dive along Spiritual lines. Both provide great fundraising opportunities for Ukraine.

Building upon our successful screenings and response to the film I am personally planning a 30+ screenings tour between Labor Day and Thanksgiving in regions across the country. Here are the tentative dates:

  • South - Sep 5th thru Sep 23rd

  • Northeast/New England - Sep 24th thru Oct 7th

  • Midwest – Oct 8th thru 21st

  • Texas – Oct 22nd thru Nov 4th

  • California/West – Nov 5th thru Nov 22nd

Want to be part of it? Just go to the Screenings page by clicking here. Wherever you are in the USA please consider a screening to support Ukraine and the Spirit both here and there. Of course, virtual screenings for groups large and small are always available.

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