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Valeriia Vovk Releases "Neproshena Viyna"

Bear Witness

Feb 24, 2023

Bear Witness is honored to announce that a member of our team, Valeria Vovk, has recently released an updated version of her song to commemorate one year since the beginning of the full-scale war.

Bear Witness works towards amplifying voices such as Valeriia’s to create awareness and understanding of the war in Ukraine.

Valeriia says, "I wrote 'Neproshena Viyna' (The War We Didn't Ask For) within the first two weeks of the full-scale invasion. It emerged from a mix of emotions I believed every Ukrainian person was going through during that time – fear, anger, pain, disbelief, and the desire to fight back.

A year later, I was finally able to share the full arrangement of this song, which took me many weeks to produce. I am incredibly thankful to Bear Witness for supporting my project with a grant and for creating a platform for artists that amplify Ukrainian experiences."

Listen to "Neproshena Viyna" and watch the video here:

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